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Tired of rolling on the lacrosse ball?
Tired of going to get another massage?
Tired of not being able to have the range of motion you want all the time?
Tired of being in pain?
Tired of the same old results?
Try something new!

At Balanced Body Center, we are providing relief to the person who’s tried everything, and the chronic pain continues to come back, the people who think they have to live with it. Guess what, this is for YOU. Lots of different types of “ quick fixes” can leave you exhausted and not fixed. The part most people are missing is it could be neurological, and you need a reset.

Why? Because your brain/body’s main job is to protect you.

Using P-DTR We can fix 90% of neurological issues, assess the Central Nervous System directly for instant results.

Schedule an appointment to see what your body needs!