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Nervous System

Is it really just one system? Actually, no! Do you know what your nervous system actually does? The Human Central Nervous System Function: Processes information to the brain Structures: Brain and spinal cord Video Player 00:00 00:15 It starts with receptors, which are sensory structures that detect changes in internal and external environment. There are […]

The Two Never Endings

The human race may not exist if it weren’t for the hard-wired acute stress response to threat. Also known as fight or flight response. The brain sends warning signals through the central nervous system the response can be triggered due to both real and imaginary threats. You may notice a couple things happen to your […]

The Triune Brain

The Triune brain. The foundation. A basic understanding of the structure of the human brain is absolutely necessary if one truly wishes to understand both the basic dynamics of consciousness and the very societal stigmas and human corruption we found ourselves in today. The brain is generally recognized as the seat of consciousness in the […]

Brain Things

Do you know how important your brain is? What happens to its’ structures and functions when compromised through injury? Imbalances are created to keep it operational. To adapt. How does the brain do this? What is actually happening in the brain. The brain is beyond complex. So, let me start you out on a crash […]